One Leg at a Time Anti-Bullying Initiative

Why We Got Started

The Anti-bullying Campaign One Leg at a Time was born out of necessity in October of 2010. During the month of September, there were over nine teenage suicides across our nation that were directly linked to bullying. Nine promising lives were cut short because the pain of living through another day filled with torment, hate, and ridicule was too hard to handle. Dying became easier than living for those students. That’s just not the way things should be... In response to these lives lost, a group of high school students decided bullying had to stop and the only way to do that was for students to stand up for each other. These motivated students, with the guidance of their teacher, came up with the idea of a student driven anti-bullying group called One Leg at a Time!

Mission Statement: The "One Leg at a Time" Initiative is to help empower students to use their voices and ideas to change the culture and climate in their schools. The student-driven program develops our leaders for tomorrow by giving them a voice today! The meaning behind One Leg at a Time is that no matter your gender, age, race, nationality, size, religious beliefs, socioeconomic status or sexual preference we are all created equal and share two things in common: first, we are all human and second, we all put our pants on the same way - One Leg at a Time!

FYI: Revenue generated through the sale of One Leg at a Time merchandise goes directly to a scholarship fund. Students who demonstrate leadership qualities and spread the One Leg at a Time Initiative in their schools and communities are eligible to apply for these scholarships.